Monday, February 28, 2011

Doors and windows

Doors and windows seem to almost make the difference. I guess it's the privacy and security that they bring. I opted for steel windows with the built in security rather than aluminum windows with bars on the outside. I never did compare prices but assume steel is cheaper than a 'two step process'.

I do have to paint these, install the glass and caulk around the edges so they are not finished by any means. The screens (mosquitero) is coming Wednesday.

We also built a small foundation for the walkway all around the house which is basically one meter wide. Incorporated into the walkway is a registro cover for grey and rain water, redoing the registro top for black water and a drainage registro at the bottom of the stairs which will hopefully handle some of the roof rain water as well.

The walkway foundation, 2 registros and windows
Front door - salon

Kitchen window

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Redesigning the Stairs

The stairs were unfinished and I knew we'd get around to it someday. The cement block is porous and has been letting water seep into the bathroom below. What I wasn't expecting was for my maestro to figure out a way to rebuild the stairs giving them a proper "run" (step space) compared to the very narrow original steps. He added the extra couple inches to each step by adding an angled step on what used to be the bottom platform.

To add a bullnose to each step he cuts a 2" tube in half and nails it to the step form. For a non-slip surface we used 'granito' (granite chunks) in the cement and then wash away enough cement to expose the chucks.

The old stairs

Rebuilding begins

Plastic tube cut in half for 'bullnose'

Finished stairs

The added step on the bottom

Sunday, February 20, 2011

More Tecata

This is the last of 3 roofs to tile. The second floor laundry room and the main house are finished. Quite a project and didn't come out smooth like I pictured it. I suppose with two more layers of cement wash the tiles pattern would dissapear but it's not necessary.

Next week starting on the redesigned stairs and waiting for the rest of the doors and windows.  The electric is in with four fans installed.  The plumbing is finished except for areas waiting for tile and counter tops - baths and kitchen.   One room left to give the first coat of sealer-paint mix.

Pump house and bodega

Main roof

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Installing a Tecata Tile roof

The roof tile installation has started. First photo is yesterday filling in the first section. They lay out rows (rayas) at a measured slope, about 4 inches at the highest point down to one inch in the direction the water will drain.

The second foto is starting a small section off to the side and the main section is done. When finished with a third large section this all will all be covered with a thin wash of cement and sealer (sellador)

Day one - filling between the 'rayas'

Day two - first large section done

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tecata tiles are here

The tecata tiles arrived sooner than expected and late enough in the day that we had to leave then in front of the house over night. We also had to get a pulley and large rope used to pull them up the wall bucket by bucket.

Hugo pulling from below, Oscar handling the buckets at the top ... and me stacking them. From 9am to 1pm and 3000 tiles later they are up on the roof where they will be used

Pinal Villa, Melaque, Mexico
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