Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New gate and garden

Well almost no construction going on lately so no posts. One of the neighbors is a welder of sorts and he has some new equipment so I thought I'd give him a try on a new front gate. I have a few more projects but not sure I'll use him as he's not very careful in his work. I picked the design because I thought it would be simple but he had to come back to fix some easy to notice mistakes. I like it and it's better than the cyclone fence material that was there before.

Meanwhile I've been working on the garden, starting a compost and buying and planting trees ... Coastal Avocado, Star Fruit, Chico Zapote, Almond, 2 Limes and a Banana

My workers are busy this season so when work slows for them I have a few more projects, like; extending an awning, larger shed roof in the laundry/utility area and a small outdoor open room over the systern

New gate


Lime trees and garden
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