Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Working on wooden houses for a change

My friend Ron who normally lives in San Miguel also has a small rental in Seattle and we somehow timed our trip north at almost the same time. His last renters didn't take the best care of the place so much needed to be done. Painting nearly the whole inside, redo the living room floor, repair kitchen floor tiles, scrape and paint funky windows, clean and caulk the bathroom, repaint the front porch and refasten all the back deck screws. It was really looking good when I left and he had another week to go.

My relatives decided to remove two large skylights rather than replace them and they would need to be tiled over. We took about 70 tiles off the back of the garage that would hopefully match the roof around the skylights ... and replaced them with new darker tiles. Too many delays and I wasn't able to see the final product. Maybe sis will send a foto or two

Ron's living room

Bedroom painted

The families house

Friday, August 3, 2012

Rainy day in August

Just realized I hadn't posted on these things now completed. The palapa is dry, no longer green and only leaks a little.  The awning (marquesina) and flower beds worked out perfectly.   No rain against the house and some greenery.  The car fits in the garage and it also works as a dry work or party space and laundry area.  Grass is still struggling to recover from construction traffic but I've fertilized it.

Palapa and marquesina

Garage and bodega
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