Sunday, March 25, 2012

Just a house foto

Someone asked for a picture of the house so here it is. Pretty soon to be made a mess again with a new awning/roof along the side of the house. The new awning will be for shade and rain protection. The existing one is not wide enough. Still not sure if I want solid cement or wood that supports tiles or lamina. Will have to talk about cost and amount of disruption.

Lately I've been painting the kitchen and bought some cabinets from Home Depot. Gonna be a few weeks before they go up

Friday, March 2, 2012

Water Filters

I forgot about the new water filters we put in last week. Our street water gets dirt/sand in it on a regular basis. Enough to clog shower heads and faucet screens, build up on the bottom of the cistern and stops one-way valves from working.

I've also decided we got too fancy with the valve system that automatically switches from street pressure to tinaco pressure so am going to try to remove them all and run direct lines. Too fancy because sometimes I have no water or my water is draining back to the street.

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