Monday, May 30, 2011

A Cyclone Fence corral

I've been putting this fence off for a few weeks now. Coyota, my dog, would have returned my lawn to dirt without it. In this heat her way to cool off is to dig a hole where it's damp and lay in it. Attempting to train her would have been impossible. The new lawn has to be watered and has become her favorite area to cool off.

The fence guys were great and finished up yesterday, Sunday. I would rather have spent the $5000+/- pesos somewhere else but the lawn is now safe.

The new Cyclone fence (maya ciclon in Mexico)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Front door and mosaic window

Finished the door frame over a week ago but finally got around to painting it and the front wall. Don't criticize the paint job as it's mostly sealer with some white paint added. 1st coat is 2/3's sealer and second coat is about 1/3 sealer. If you paint pure sealer (sellador) it is transparent ... so except for the slight gloss, you don't know where you've painted.

The grass is looking good if the dog doesn't tear it up. The other night she started pulling up a patch and besides a few swats I'll have to wait and see. I'd hate to have to fence it but she is a real digger when she wants a cool place to lie down or just has energy to burn.

Took a picture of the window and with the contrast of dark green and white wall ... the darker won.

Front now painted

Mosaic window

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New front door frame

I was thinking of something like this months ago but how many extra little things can you add to a house. This got forgotten in a long list because things had to move along.

So now we're back to it because between my metal guy that made the door and the aluminum guy who made the screen door ... they could not figure out how to hang both with enough room for the screen to close. I just removed the screen door yesterday and we are building a frame around the door that will extend the opening 3 to 4 inches. This will give both doors room to work together and the screen door won't be flush with the house like it was.

The original idea of frames around doors and windows was that it's kind of old style and gives a bulky look to a house if the dimensions are right. We'll see what this looks like in a few days.

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