Monday, February 22, 2010

New interest in the property

Well my interest is somewhat renewed in the property as well as that of a local store owner. He's going to be looking with family when they get here. My interest was peaked when we found the 3 meter walls would move towards the top when they had only standard width columns (castillos). For that reason they're putting in 5 new castillos next to the existing ones that will act like buttresses. I did not want to get a call that one of the walls collapsed in the next earthquake.

So I spent the last week working on the place and enjoyed it once again. They are also finishing the third meter of the walls that was only 1/4 completed. If they have time they'll paint the rebar. They have all the material and wages for two more weeks work. The lot is cleaned and leveled once again after the rains so should be good for at least 4-5 months before the growth starts.

The bottom foto is of the Canadian neighbors place over my back wall. Really coming along nicely with all the conveniences of home even though they live in their garage. They started the year (November) camping in a tent but now have a real bathroom, electricity, water and a nice garden.

New interest in Pinal Villa property - price went up!
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