Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Sane construction

2 1/2 floors up

What sane person would build something this tall that's dangerous and expensive to work on .... but nobody has ever accused Crazy Jimmy of being sane. Now he's screening in those huge openings, mosquito screen in the top sections and shade screen below. His airplane wing did survive Hurricane Patricia last year but we'll see what happens to all that screening in the storms.

He's also built on the lot line on two sides so if he ever wants to work on his house he will need to ask permission for access through neighbors yards. Their property is the size of five lots so why he wanted to "paint himself into a corner" I can't imagine. 

Give it a sloped roof so it does not look like a Mexican house but your slop dumps water into neighbors yard ..... so you have to build drainage and use a 10" plastic pipe down the front of the house to handle the water. He's also got a window that looks into a neighbors yard which is illegal.
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