Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The new pump house

The first roof. Ok, it's only 10sq meters but it's just a pump house with a little room for storage and elevation for a tinaco on top. Also going to put the electrical distribution box there.

First part of the week was finishing the third meter of the house with block and castillos. Then bringing out the crew that builds the wood supports for the cement. Then laying and tying the re-bar, the electrical boxes and tubes and putting up sides to hold the cement.

Next bring over the mixer and recruit half the neighborhood to form a chain gang or bucket brigade to get the cement up on the roof. Our bucket brigade was Keystone Cops at first because one guy couldn't make the step up on the cistern/patio with a bucket full of cement but they changed the pattern and things went smoothly.

In the mean time we installed a manifold for water distribution, ran two new water lines, an electrical tube for future wiring to the pump house, planted a few plants/trees and blocked up and covered the trailer.

Hierberto finishing up the walls

Wood to support the cement crew

Tying in the rebar

Starting the pour with electrical in place

Bucket brigade

Finished roof the next morning
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