Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Not a gravel yard for me thanks

Against the advice of a few people that meant well I went with grass. This will mean more upkeep and water but but a gravel yard just does not get it for me. This is Bermuda grass and I got it through the vivero (nursery guy) near the Jaluco intersection on the way to Barra. Also got two lime trees from him.

I ordered 50 meters and sent some home with one of my workers. Price for the pasto (lawn) was 35 pesos a square meter. I think I overworked placing and cutting and didn't drink enough water so stayed in bed 'till noon today.

Still have almost half the property unplanned except for a few trees and plants. Think it will just sit while I finish the house. Hugo started painting grout joints with sealer today and I'll join him tomorrow.

6 months later finishing up

Finally ... only one more week. There's one more inside (the property) wall next to the house that they will stucco next week, along with a few corners and the finishing the entrance gates and YA! A little more finish work on the stairs that I've sealed.

After next week the maestro goes but I'll keep my neighbor who's been the helper. He'll do preparing the garden work, sealing grout lines (whole house) and little odds and ends we find over the next few weeks.  He may even make the pavers for a driveway that Elke says she has forms for, sounds interesting. I'll continue painting, cleaning and using sealer on various places before the rains.

A welcome relief and rest are coming

Joke is, it's the Centro de Salud of Pinal Villa 

Kitchen, dining and entrance

Last bedroom, extra tile and Tomas the cat

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Floor patterns

There have been a number of jokes about "my hospital" and the mono-chrome colors so far. Workers wanted to cut tiles and make a design in the middle of one of the main rooms (same tile, different tile, now we need to shop?). Personally I don't mind a light mono-chrome environment. Light colors reflect light, you can see the dirt ... and you can see the critters.

I went to Interceramic in Melaque and they had nothing that fit my idea of a color scheme. Back to Cihuatlan where I bought most of the tiles and bought this green tile. This green tile is nothing I would buy as the principle tile for a room but thought it might work as an accent. I do think it's reasonable.

Now my workers want to outline this pattern with black, blue or I don't know what ... colored grout. I had to say sorry, the same grout for the whole house, "cafe champagne".

This center piece will also draw attention away from the walls that are not straight or aligned with the house

My house is not straight

So finding a straight line (or wall) in my house is not easy. Remember this started as a family project with not the best builders. The current guys have done their best to correct many of the issues but moving walls was not one of them.

Starting at the front door and wall we ran a line of tile into the dining room. From there through two doorways to the back room. Another over to the back door. This pattern will give an overall appearance of organized tiles but tile sizes along walls will vary as needed and will vary a lot.

Front door and wall to the left

Along wall to the left - with 90 meters of tile

Line from dining room into the back rooms

And the filling in begins
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