Sunday, August 29, 2010

House construction Mexico Videos

These are a semi-interesting set of videos if you are considering building and living in Mexico. Not really new information to anyone that's been here awhile. I imagine they were created for those considering Mexico for retirement.

This guy has his prices of construction lower than most can manage but this is his third house in Mexico and he's been here awhile. Looks like quality work too if you check out his perimeter wall. Masons that will build a wall that does not have to be stuccoed after are rare.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Pumphouse, bath, wash area, well and patio

I originally went down for one week but ran into some workers that could really crank it out. Rather than getting the place livable in November I decided to get it done so I can move right in.

We first brought electric to the pump house to a 4 breaker box. Installed lights, outlets for trailer, washing machine and two pumps. Two pumps because we hadn't had city water for two weeks so I decided on a well. The second pump is from the cistern to the tinaco when there is no city water for short periods. The tinaco has an automatic float switch to request water when needed.

The albañiles (masons) were great and fast. They stuccoed the pump house, in and outside of the bathroom under the stairs, made a cement pad for the wash area, support for the clothes wash basin and a small container for the well pump.

During the end of the 2 1/2 weeks my neighbor built a flower bed around the wall near the trailer and started on a patio. He also had some old palapa wood that we used to make a lamina ramada over the wash area.

So generally the place will be ready to move into in November except I'm not sure the fridge in the trailer will work well enough. Will have to get a reefer guy to check it or just buy another fridge.

Starting the stucco work

Setting up for the pad in the wash area

Bath under stairs and pump house (jail)

Lavadero and well pump area

Patio and flower bed
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